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When our forefathers came to this country in the 1700’s, their main reason for coming was to get away from the hierarchy that ruled Europe.  One of their main desires was to have a way in how their government was run and that the taxes they paid would be for the benefit of the people and not benefit the royal family.  They felt so strongly about this that they banned together, fought, and defeated the British Army during the Revolutionary War.

When the leaders sat down to write the constitution, Bill of Rights, and set up our form of government, they made sure that our leaders would be selected by the general public through a voting process.  This is called a democracy.

That same process that was developed 240 years ago, is still the standard by which our country operates.  The opportunity to vote is given to every citizen in the United States who is 18 years old or older.  It happens in the private confines of a voting booth where no one is looking over your shoulder telling you what to do.  That is called freedom.

It is my feeling that the process of voting could be made a lot easier than it is today.  For Cindy and I to vote, we have to drive 25 miles from our home to Eureka.  Consequently we vote, most of the time, with a mail-in ballot, secured from the County Clerk.  I personally feel that there could be some changes made in our voting laws.  Maybe hold elections on Saturdays when the working people have a little more flexibility and possibly having more of our elections be mail-in ballot elections where you can make your selections in the privacy of your home and mail hem to the County Clerk by a certain date.  Unfortunately at the present time, concern over non-citizens voting has caused the registration process to be so regimented that it is difficult to jump through all the hoops to become a registered voter.

It has been said by many, that Kansas’ vote on August 2nd may be the most important primary vote in the history of the state.  The members selected in the House and the Senate will be the ones that will be obligated with a difficult duty of restoring sanity to state government.  They will determine the direction taken in the solving of our budget problems, developing a formula for financing K – 12 education, determining the future of our highway program, determining support for health programs, and giving guidance to our Board of Regents in directing higher education.

Besides that, in every county in my district, there is a sheriff’s race and at least one county commissioner race, and also races for county clerk, register of deeds, and county treasurer.  Polling experts say at least five of the House and Senate races will be determined by less than 100 votes.  At no time in the history of this great state, will the vote you make be any more important.  There are lots of good excuses to not go to the polls, but I ask you as residents of the 13th District to take the time, make the effort, and vote your conscience.  This is one year that you can proudly stand up and say “my vote does count”.

If I can be of help to you, contact me at my home this off-season at 620-637-2454 or by email at [email protected].

See you on the campaign trail,

Sincerely, Larry Hibbard
Kansas House of Representatives
District 13