Rep. Larry Hibbard is a 5th generation Kansan who raised his family on their Kansas Farm Bureau-designated Century Farm in Toronto, KS.

The Hibbard Family has raised livestock and farmed this property since it was homesteaded in 1869.

Previously, he served the Kansas National Guard for six years, eight years on the USD 389 School Board, and as the Treasurer for Pleasant Grove Township for 24 years. Throughout the community, his various positions with the local Shriners, Farm Bureau, Co-Op, and 4-H organizations equipped him to serve this unique rural area in Southeast Kansas, and manage the wide variety of issues before the Kansas House of Representatives.

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Rural Revitalization Education and economic growth are inseparable in Kansas – one begets the other. An educated workforce creates ideas and businesses, which create jobs. I worked with other rural legislators to develop creative strategies to keep residents in rural Kansas and entice them to come back home. The Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ) initiative was a good headstart, now we must work to retain the businesses who provide jobs to new residents.
Transportation Our communities thrive on the commerce to, from, and through southeast Kansas. To pay the bills, we sell commodities, but they aren’t worth much if we can’t get them to markets or elevators. I will continue to work to ensure T-Works funding remains secure.
Kansas Common Sense I don’t like taxes any more than the next Kansan. I’m fiscally conservative, but I also recognize government has unique responsibilities and services only it can manage. We have slashed income taxes but all that means is property owners will pay more of the tab. There’s a healthy balance somewhere in between and we need to get back there.